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NameSkill UsedOpt. SkilltiersourceFormula
Thick and Hearty Corn SoupCooking1025ExpertBoughtExpert Basic Appetizers
Tomato Basil SaucePreparing200BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Oils and Sauces
Tomato SaladCooking425BeginnerBoughtBeginner Advanced Sides
Tossed SaladCooking200BeginnerBoughtBeginner Advanced Appetizers
Trimmed Arbotus FlankPreparing775JourneymanBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trimmed Beef FlankPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trimmed Chicken BreastPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trimmed Gruok FlankPreparing200BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trimmed Mutton FlankPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trimmed Ruxus FlankPreparing325BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trimmed Venison FlankPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Trout FilletPreparing775JourneymanBoughtConfectioner Prepared Fish