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NameSkill UsedOpt. SkilltiersourceFormula
RaisinsPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Fruits
Red Snapper FilletPreparing1100JourneymanBoughtConfectioner Prepared Fish
Red WinePreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Liquids
Rice DoughPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Doughs
Rice VinegarPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Liquids
Rippin' Raspberry RuxusCooking425BeginnerQuestedRare Dessert: Rippin' Raspberry Ruxus
Roast BeefCooking200BeginnerBoughtBeginner Advanced Main Dishes
Roast ChickenCooking200BeginnerBoughtBeginner Advanced Main Dishes
Rubbed BasilPreparing550JourneymanQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Basil
Rubbed CilantroPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Rubbed MintPreparing1000ExpertQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Mint
Rubbed RosemaryPreparing775JourneymanQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Rosemary
Rubbed SagePreparing100BeginnerQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Sage
Rye BreadCooking775JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Basic Appetizers
Rye DoughPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Doughs
Rye FlourPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Flours