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NameSkill UsedOpt. SkilltiersourceFormula
Pan-Seared Red SnapperCooking1025ExpertBoughtExpert Basic Main Dishes
Peppered Beef and RiceCooking425BeginnerBoughtBeginner Advanced Main Dishes
Pie CrustPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Doughs
Pitted DatesPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Fruits
Potato SaladCooking775JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Advanced Sides
Potato SkinsCooking1125ExpertBoughtExpert Advanced Appetizers
Potato SoupCooking100BeginnerBoughtBeginner Basic Appetizers
Potatoes au GratinCooking550JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Basic Sides
Prepared ShrimpPreparing200BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Seafood
Pumpkin BreadCooking1125ExpertBoughtExpert Advanced Desserts
Pumpkin CheesecakeCooking1250MasterBoughtMaster Basic Desserts
Pumpkin SeedsPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Vegetables