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NameSkill UsedOpt. SkilltiersourceFormula
Garlic PowderPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Gazpacho SoupCooking1025ExpertBoughtExpert Basic Appetizers
Glazed Roast ChickenCooking900JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Advanced Main Dishes
Glazed Roast VenisonCooking775JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Basic Main Dishes
Gnomish Pot PieCooking1250MasterBoughtMaster Basic Sides
Granny Nuffle's Famous SconesCooking550JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Basic Desserts
Granny Nuffle's Pumpkin SoupCooking1350MasterBoughtMaster Advanced Appetizers
Granny Nuffle's QuicheCooking550JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Basic Main Dishes
Granny Nuffle's ShortbreadCooking550JourneymanBoughtJourneyman Basic Desserts
Grantherum's Strawberry IcecreamCooking1350MasterQuestedRare Dessert: Grantherum's Strawberry Icecream
Ground BarleyPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Ground BeefPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Prepared Meats
Ground BitterrootPreparing1225MasterQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Bitterroot
Ground CinnamonPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Ground CuminPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Ground FennelPreparing775JourneymanQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Fennel
Ground GinsengPreparing550JourneymanQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Ginseng
Ground LicoricePreparing325BeginnerQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Licorice
Ground MandrakePreparing1000ExpertQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Mandrake
Ground NightshadePreparing1225MasterQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Nightshade
Ground PepperPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Ground SaltPreparing100BeginnerBoughtConfectioner Herbs and Spices
Ground Star AnisePreparing1225MasterQuestedConfectioner Rare Garnish: Star Anise
Gruok MoleCooking1350MasterBoughtMaster Advanced Main Dishes