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Quest: Dinner? Impossible!
Start NPC:Imperial Vaultkeeper (ANY racial town,)

Step 1:

Talk to any Imperial Vaultkeeper
Step 2: Talk to Lady Kendra
Step 3: Make 3 Banana's Kakashi, 3 Zezezar's Sweet Corncakes, 3 Shali's Pan Seared Trout, and 3 Nellie's Urchin Linguini
Step 4: Deliver dishes to Sethos Bakari
Step 5: Deliver dishes to Amenai Gauzir
Step 6: Deliver dishes to Lady Kendra to finish
Step 7: Gain CHEF emblem, 20,000 craft exp, 100 silver and the recipes
Step 8: Note: I've heard there is a 4 hour timer on this quest so gather materials before you start the quest.
Step 9: Tip: Get the quest, get the forms, delete the quest (AFTER talking to Lady Kendra), gather materials, then restart and finish quest

NOTE: If the quest requires you to MAKE or HARVEST items, you must do them at THAT stage in the quest. Having these items on you at the start of the quest will NOT complete it (except for the trigger item).
 Harvest :