Welcome to HZ Confectioner!

This site is to aid those seeking to follow the career of confectioner in Horizons, Empire of Istaria. Or as it is to be known now, Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted. Personally I'll keep calling it Horizons :) Please feel free to explore!

I'd appreciate any comments in the form of email feedback - bear in mind this is still a work in progress, so I'm hoping for the sort of comments that will enable me to make the site what YOU need it to.

Huge thanks go to Plot and Kala. Without their input, this site would have taken months to put up. Kala for her spreadsheet with all the recipes on, Plot for so much - the quest information, the HCC files, the resource map markers..

Any omissions or errors are almost certainly mine.

"Iron Confectioner" quest isn't entered. There's lots of pre-requisite quests and I'm not sure how best to show it.

Still to come:

  • Full levelling guide using the "Potato Princess" route (C) Demmonah and Marynah, Mithril Council

14th December

Wow, it really has been a long time since I did any changes. Guess it means most things are on here. Added missing step to "I Can't believe it's not Buttercap" recipe (thanks Dakoren!)

29th April

Uploaded pictures of many "missing" NPCs - thanks to Veshta! Uploaded amended skill 1-200 levelling guide. More on that to come!

23rd April

With a lot of help from my wonderful webguru Simetac, without whom this site wouldn't be as useful...(he does the fancy bits of coding that are beyond me!)

  • Full "shopping list" info on recipe detail, so you know exactly what to gather.
  • Ingredient listing for items that appear in final recipes. Includes HOW MANY recipes a particular resource is used in.
  • Changed the "quest listing" page to be sorted by tier in a much more visually pleasing way (thanks to Mearis for the suggestion)
  • Minor adjustments as I've been informed of them :)

20th April

All recipes are now in the database - if they aren't, I don't know about them, so PLEASE email me :)

18th April

Completed adding T5 recipes. NPCs now listed alphabetically. Added all T1-T4 quests, and are now listed alphabetically within tiers.

17th April

Added "less effective etc" text to food detail pages. Ingredients now listed alphabetically on recipes instead of randomly. All T4 recipes now on the database, and all T5 appetizers.

16th April

Added bonus item detail to resources, and item detail pages. Added a few more pictures. Completed T1-T3 recipes, all T4 appetizers & desserts.

13th April

A few more styling changes, added loads more recipes.

12th April

Added Food Effects page. Completed adding all Preparation recipes. Restyled NPC page, recipe page, and generally did some more tidying up.

11th April

Major (to me anyway) styling changes, standardising formats etc. The pages should now all "feel" the same..I hope!

7th April

Added the coding and pages for quests. Added the first quest info. Please HARD refresh the page if you've visited before (by pressing F5) as I've changed some styles in the css page, and it may look odd until you refresh the page. Changed the layout slightly of the NPC detail page, making inventory a bit easier to read.

6th April

Added notes field to resources, added more recipes, etc.

5th April

Added resource pages. Added About Us, and Links pages. Added a load more items, recipes. Added some resources & screenshots.

4th April

Added recipe detail pages. Added a load more items, recipes, and more inventories.

3rd April

Added NPC detail, item, itemdetail, recipelisting pages.

31st March

Started the site!